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Aija Halliday

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We Simplify Real Estate

Discover the difference with Aija Halliday – we turn your real estate dreams into reality. Our seasoned experts don’t just buy and sell homes; we curate a unique journeys for your specific needs.

Whether you’re house hunting, seeking a profitable investment property, or selling a cherished family estate, we have your back. We harness our extensive network of professionals to ensure every facet of your real estate journey is managed seamlessly.

It’s our genuine commitment to personalized services that truly sets us apart. With us, you’re not just a client – you’re a valued member of our real estate family.

Our Local Partners.


Our trusted contractors are masters of their craft, helping with everything from essential repairs to extensive renovations. They are ready to turn your house into a home or enhance your property’s value before selling.

Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Handle essential repairs and renovations.
  • Provide expert advice on structural improvements to enhance property value.
  • Work with homeowners to ensure their vision is accurately brought to life.
Home Inspectors:

We partner with diligent and thorough home inspectors who leave no stone unturned in ensuring the safety and soundness of your prospective or existing property.

Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Conduct thorough property inspections to identify potential issues.
  • Provide detailed reports on the condition of the property.
  • Advise on necessary fixes or improvements.
Home Stagers:

Our talented home stagers have an eye for design and a knack for transforming spaces. They’ll help your property shine in the market or assist you in visualizing your new home’s potential.

Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Create visually appealing home setups to attract potential buyers.
  • Help buyers envision their dream home’s potential.
  • Provide consultation on interior design and space utilization.

Our relocation service partners are pros at making your move smooth and stress-free. Whether you’re moving across town or from out of state, they’ll make your move an easy one.

Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Assist in organizing and executing local and long-distance moves.
  • Provide resources for settling into the new area
  • Help alleviate the stress and logistics of moving.

Insurance agents will guide you through the often complex world of home insurance, helping you secure the best coverage for your needs and budget.

Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Help homeowners understand different insurance policies and coverages.
  • Guide clients through the insurance selection process based on their unique needs and budgets.
  • Provide ongoing support for insurance-related questions or concerns.
Real Estate Lawyers:

Our partnered real estate lawyers are here to ensure your transaction is legally sound, providing expert advice and handling the legal complexities of property transactions.

Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Review and prepare real estate documents like purchase agreements, mortgage documents, and title transfers.
  • Handle the legal aspects of the real estate transaction.
  • Provide legal advice to prevent potential issues down the line.
Mortgage Broker:

With the help of our mortgage broker partners, you can secure the best possible mortgage rates and deals, tailored to your financial situation.

Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Help potential homeowners find and secure the best possible mortgage rates.
  • Guide clients through the mortgage application and approval process.
  • Provide ongoing support and advice regarding mortgage-related matters.

Aija Halliday

San Jose’s Trusted Realtor

Aija Halliday has served San Jose as a realtor for over 25 years. As an Intero agent, Aija’s experience, deep knowledge of the local San Jose market, and unwavering commitment to her clients’ success have earned her a reputation as one of the city’s most trusted real estate professionals.

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Aija Halliday

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